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Quarantine, blurbs and ARCs, oh my.

Update time...

When I daydreamed about finally having a published book, I definitely didn't picture it coming in a year of pandemics and lockdown. My thoughts have been with those other writers launching into this chaos, because it can't have been easy and would be super tough to let go of those fantasies of how you wanted the grand moment to play out. BUT it's also been heartening to see how those writers and the other good folk of publishing have reacted to the more socially distant ways of doing things - with digital launches, conferences, panels, and other fun events taking place online to keep everything ticking along. Another reason why I love this industry and everyone in it.

So what's happening with me?

We're in week gazillion of the lockdown in the UK and it's mostly been about the kids and general survival in this strange new world of ours. Learning to combine home schooling, Zooming friends, playing Fortnite, getting work done (when we've had it), and late-night masked shopping trips. It's not been easy, but we're safe and well and that's what matters.

The book is still coming in September

I'm relieved to say the release date is unchanged so far, which means CAPTAIN MOXLEY AND THE EMBERS OF THE EMPIRE should still launch everywhere on 8 Sept 2020!

It's in great shape now too. Which means the electronic ARCs were able to be put together and sent out to some brilliant authors for blurbs in the last couple of weeks.

And we got our first blurb already!

R.W.W. Greene, author of THE LIGHT YEARS says:

"Author Dan Hanks sets his war-weary protagonist on a pulp-paced adventure--cunning traps, ancient maps, and brutal scraps ... semi-retired Nazis, aggressive corpses, and family drama. It's a giddy, white-knuckled ride to the very end.”

Isn't that lovely? (Rob's book is wonderful, by the way. I finished it last week and you should totally check that out here.)

Preorders would be amazing

It turns out, preorders really help authors! Not only do they count towards sales in the first week, they also show booksellers the titles people are excited to read, which makes booksellers take note and potentially order more, which means more people will see them, which means more people might buy them... and all those numbers will make my wonderful publisher very happy! It might also get them to bug me into writing a sequel, which would be both fun and scratch that story itch in my brain (you'll understand when you read the book that there are more tales to tell).

If you want to preorder - thank you. Seriously. THANK YOU. And while doing so with your local bookshop would be fantastic, here are some handy links for other places you can get the book:




That said, it's not been financially easy for any of us recently, so if you want to read it for free why not ask your local library to order? This is still an amazing thing to do for authors and readers alike.

Other ways you can help

I'm still trying to navigate through these exciting and terrifying publishing waters, but I believe Goodreads is a pretty good place to show your support before the book is released. If you're on there, please feel free to add CAPTAIN MOXLEY and I'll love you forever.

Editing services

And for those interested in getting me to check out your own stories, I'm still here for that! Yes, I'm booked up until mid July now, but don't hesitate to send me a message on the website if you want to chat about a future project.

Okay, that's it for now. Keep on keeping safe and well.


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