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A belated Happy New Year, updates, and the threat of good news

Everything is obviously weird and has been for years now, but I'm delighted to say that my tradition of totally forgetting to update the blog is intact. I wish I could use the pandemic as an excuse. I just can't. I would have forgotten to write something here in the last few months anyway.

So Happy New Year! It's 2021. Are things looking up after a shocker of a 2020? It depends where you're based, I suppose. Here in the UK we're currently in Lockdown 3 (The Lockening) which means the kids are at home and I am relearning a whole lot of maths I'd rather stay forgotten as I morph into a teacher.

I am not a teacher, so this is a troubling thing. However, I *am* pleased that we're got a good online school routine happening now, so I will take that. Schools and teachers are brilliant, aren't they?

Hopefully you are okay wherever you are in the world. I hope the past year wasn't too shitty or painful for you and that you're keeping safe and well.

For me, it was a strange 2020. Yes it was ridiculous. It was tough and scary and we had the kids at home for what seemed like forever and that was challenging.

But I launched my debut novel, I wrote a whole other book from scratch in three months (which I've never done before and given the circumstances I will forever be proud of that), I finished writing another book, and I discovered a fantastic group of author friends who kept me sane. In terms of being a writer, it was a bloody excellent year to be honest, despite the trials and issues and the world on fire at the same time - so I will probably look back on it with some weird nod of understanding that it was a shitfest in so many ways, while also allowing myself a smile of pride at what I managed to get done in the midst of it all.

Anyway. I would love to finish up here with some amazing news. I can't just yet, but I can say that I'm very hopeful I can offer some amazing news soon. Maybe even more than one piece of amazing news. Maaaaybe.

In the meantime, thank you to all those who have already grabbed and reviewed a copy of Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire. It's been doing well ratings-wise on Goodreads and Amazon, which has been really wonderful, and it even made it into Starburst Magazine!!

And if you haven't checked the book out yet? The British Fantasy Society said it was " of the summer's most enjoyable reads" last year and I would absolutely trust them on that. :)

Until next time,



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