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How can a manuscript assessment help you?

Everyone benefits from a fresh pair of eyes on their story


Even the best writers use beta readers or critique partners to make sure the storytelling works. But when you're querying or self-publishing, sometimes you want more of an in-depth breakdown to ensure your book is the best it can be. Here's where a professional editor (like me!) can help.

A professional manuscript report highlights what works & what needs fixing


Does the beginning hook you in? Are you dragged screaming (in all the best ways) through the story or does the pace drag? Do the characters leap off the page? Does the ending nail its landing? And what are the themes that will stick with the reader long after they've put the book down? Send me your book and together we'll develop the story until it fulfils its potential, hits every emotional beat, and leaves readers begging for more. 

Why work with me?

"Dan has an incredible eye for detail and an near-supernatural intuition regarding an author's intent. He will understand what you're trying to do and move heaven and earth to make it better."

MICHAEL J. MARTINEZAuthor of the Daedalus trilogy and the Majestic-12 series

He provided invaluable help with things like dialogue, setting, and other details that really served the authenticity of the story and helped it to come alive. He was professional, insightful, and super fast - generally just delightful to work with and I highly recommend him.

KRISTI HELVIGAuthor of the Burn Out series, The Wing Collector, and Wingless

"Dan is a master storyteller with a knack for pointing out exactly how to make your manuscript shine. His critique is always considerate, thoughtful, and totally on point every time."

ANDREA HANNAHAuthor of Of Scars and Stardust  and A Map for Wild Hearts

My manuscript assessment services

Critique of first 40 pages

The beginning of your book is critical to its success. Let me have a look and I'll report back on how well it works. 

  • 1-page report on highlights, issues & fixes.

Mini Manuscript Review

​This is a mini manuscript assessment of your book in review form! I talk about what I liked/what worked, and what I thought could be improved. 

  • 2-page review covering the storytelling basics​, inc. what worked and what needs improving.​​​​​​​

Full Manuscript Assessment

You get a report with a detailed look at the essential storytelling components, such as structure, characters, plots, and themes, as well as emotional beats, the stickiness of your beginning, and how well you nailed that crucial ending. PLUS, you get a suggested revision plan, as well as inline comments and example edits in the manuscript (where needed).

  • Up to 6-page report covering:

    • Structure​

    • Characters

    • Plot

    • Theme

    • Beats

    • Beginning

    • Ending

  • Revision plan​

  • Inline comments 

  • Example edits

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